Dennis Pittinger (3 Aug 2011)
"World population will hit seven billion on October 31st: possible connection to the 70th week of Daniel"

Dear Doves,

If you'll Google

seven billion population october

You will note that most demographers are saying that world population
will hit seven billion on October 31st of this year, now here is what
is interesting:

Almost all Bible scholars believe that the second coming of Christ at
the battle of Armageddon will be during one of the three fall feast
days of Israel, and in 2018 Tabernacles will fall on September 24th,
and subtracting seven prophetical years of 360 days each or 2,520 days
from that date you arrive at October 31st, 2011 exactly! But it gets
even better:

Tabernacles is the only feast that lasts for seven days, and in
addition, Tabernacles in 2018 will of course be during Israel's 70th
anniversary year.

Let's hope the foregoing proves to be significant.

Sincerely,  Dennis