Dennis Gaylor (2 Aug 2011)
"To Lynn"


I understand how you feel. Every time I get excited about the Lord's
imminent coming and mention it to family or friends, they think I should
get back on anti-depressants- because they think I'm looking forward to
the end of the world or dying. I am also subject to periods of crying,
just wanting to see His face...

I really was hoping for this past weekend, with all the signs (solar
eclipses on Av 1 in 2008, 2009 & 2010), the re-figuring of Pentecost, Dr.
Owour's meeting in Norway/rapture prophecy, all the visions for July,
lunar tetrads, etc.). I have been looking forward to the Rapture long
before 2008.

I am still looking every day and forward to Av 9, or Ru B'Av, Aug.14-15.
Melchezedek's Day Aug. 26 (also another Dr. Owour meeting) sounds
promising, but much too far way. I don't think I could bear having to wait
until Rosh Hashanah in late September, or October! What a cross to bear!

It has been so unbearably hot- here in Oklahoma we have suffered
tremendously. Not only exceptional drought, but the 100 degree plus
temperatures have been relentless since early June. We have been told this
will surely be the hottest summer ever before it's over. This week we are
expecting 109 and 110 temps all week, with heat indexes higher than that-
with no relief in sight. Even at 10 pm, it is still 100 degrees!

It is really difficult to be "content", but I am struggling to be.


Dennis Gaylor