Dennis (15 Aug 2011)
"Midnight Experience"

Hello All,

After reading Dayana T's 'Midnight Experience' I am prompted to relate something that happened to me and my wife last month (July). I did not think too much of it at the time but now I wonder.

My wife purchased a new cell phone last year. Last month as we were sleeping I heard an alarm of some sort go off. It woke me out of a sound sleep and, irritated, I was determined to ignore it until it finally stopped. I did not know what it was at that time.

The next night the same thing happened. This time I got up and tracked the irritating noise to her cell phone. I handed it to her and after fiddling with it a while, she discovered that the alarm was set to midnight. Not only did she not set it, she did not know she had an alarm on the thing. I disabled the alarm. At this point it briefly occurred to me that maybe someone was trying to tell us something. But I quickly forgot about it.

Well, a week or so later, it happened again! Neither of us had set it and yet here it was alerting us to the midnight hour again. I disabled the alarm again and have not heard from it since.

It may be nothing but technology run amok. But these days I have learned not to dismiss anything. Especially in light of Dayana T's post.

See you all soon.