Debra B (3 Aug 2011)
"Leigh, did you see my post on Dr Owuor August 26 meeting?"

Hi Leigh:  Just wondered if you saw my post from August 1st.  We may have
something to be excited about!
I hope so!  God Bless.  Debra B

Debra B (1 Aug 2011)
"Dr owour,Melchezideks,s Day and a conference"


Hi All:
I just thought this might bare repeating, as it's possible this could be a
date.  Dr Owour who truly seems to be a prophet of God, has said on his July
16, 2011 facebook entry that Melchezideks Day is the day of the rapture of the
church.  This is that entry, taken from his facebook page. 

Prophet Dr. David Edward Owuor
 Melchizedek's day, also known as the day of Light, is the day of the Rapture
the Church. The day of Righteousness, the day of the white linen bright and
clean Gown, the day of the Garment, the day of Gold, the day of Life, the day
when death will be defeated forever, the day of the Wedding of the Lamb, the
day when the Door will be shut, the day when only Holiness will matter!! BE

August 26 is possibly Melchezideks day.  Per my answer on the Doves given by
Gerlinda to my question about when is that day?  Also, Dr Owour is having a
conference August 26- 28 in Geneva unless those dates change. 

Gerlinda (26 July 2011) 
"Saint Melchizedek Day is on....."



Melchizedek is from the Old Testament and is not given the title of saint nor
does he have a feast day. On the day of 26 August

The commemoration of SaintMelchizedek, king of Salem and priest of God Most
High, who greeted Abraham upon his return from victory, blessing him, offering
a holy sacrifice, a spotless victim to the Lord; and, although without
offspring, is recognized as king of peace and justice, and as priest forever in
prefiguration of Christ. 
usccb web site. 

Read more:

This is Dr Owour's U tube video he made on April 27, 2011 about the rapture
happening during one of his meetings.  Could it be?  Oh, I hope.  I don't think
my link is clickable.  Sorry about that.

 Any thoughts or comments welcome. 
God Bless you all!  Debra B