Deborah (5 Aug 2011)
"The Canaries in the Cage are DYING"

I was planning to keep track of the birds in my area to see if their population has gone down since March nuke accident, as our proverbial canaries in the cage with regard to radiation poisoning.  Prior to the March nuke accident, I could hear the birds all day long inside my home, without having to open a door or window.  So I had planned to monitor them.  Unfortunately I had to move in May, and since then I don't hear birds at my new location.  Sometimes I open the door to see if I can hear any birds at all.  Sometimes I hear one, and sometimes I don't hear any.  But as I said, my location has changed, and I may have moved to an area that never had a lot of birds to begin with, although there are more trees and greenery in the area I moved to.

Anyway, this morning, I happened upon the following article/report, which seems to confirm my worst fears.  Our birds are dying all over the world.  Our canaries in the cage are dying.  Are they warning us of our silent, odorless radiation poisoning?

How are the birds in YOUR area?  Noticed a decrease or absence of birds?

Birds are Disappearing