Deborah (26 Aug 2011)
"Putting Two Dr. Owuor Prophecies Together"

Hmmmm......I just thought of something.  Last Week Dr. Owuor had a prophetic warning about the Great Lakes Areas flooding.  What could cause that?  A tsunami?  The thought came to me: a midwestern quake at a shallow depth would cause a tsunami effect on the Great Lakes.  The Great Lakes are like any other body of water.  Take a bowl of water and tap it on the side and watch what happens.......a tsunami wave is created.  So putting the Great Lakes Flooding together with the Historic Quake coming to a major city in the Western World......what if its Chicago that gets the massive quake?  Chicago is near the New Madrid fault line.  A massive quake at a shallow depth would certainly send off tsunami waves in Lake Michigan.  Judging by how far the relatively small 5.8M VA quake was felt on Tuesday......people felt it in the midwest, and Quebec and Florida.  Perhaps a massive quake hitting on the New Madrid faultline in the midwest, could cause the Great Lakes flood their beaches.  Earthquakes are happening in "diverse" areas these days, that's for sure.  Just guessing here.

Aug 23, 2011 - Historic Earthquake coming to the West

Prophecy of Historic Earthquake coming to the West

Given by Dr Owuor August 23, 2011


It strikes a major city somewhere in the Western World.  Appears to be at night or evening, when the lights are on in tall sky scrapers.  Quake is so severe it rotates the valley floor/ground counter-clockwise.  Quake goes on for more than 42 seconds.

Los Angeles?


San Francisco?

A Northern California Christian seems to have a confirmation of Dr. Owuor's word: