Deb (23 Aug 2011)
"Anyone else feeling this?"

I have a profound sense that the Lord is telling me and has been for about a month or two that I MUST look up to my heavenly home and quit being distracted by earthly things.  We have had a four-week sermon series at my church about being distracted from heaven and I just KNOW that God is calling me in a big way to quit worrying, stressing and having anxiety about my earthly circumstances.  I have talked to a few other Christian friends who are feeling the same way.

Here is where the guilt comes in and I feel terrible about even confessing this, but I feel safe in doing so because you are my Christian brothers and sisters.....  In my heart of hearts, I am wondering about my motivations.  Part of me is wondering if I just want to escape this earthly mess that gets worse and worse by the day.  I want Christ to cleanse my heart and to help me to fully and completely be longing for only HIM, not wanting to just escape.  I feel I have a sense of that, but am really in need of him giving me grace in this area and helping me to have a deep and profound longing for HIM alone and not an escape from the world.  Thank you so much for allowing me to unburden myself and I would appreciate your prayers for this struggle.  I really appreciate all my Doves friends.  I have been a daily lurker for about 10 years and post very infrequently, but felt impressed to post this.  Blessings in Him, Deb
10 years? Wow!
I understand how you feel.