Day (13 Aug 2011)
"Joe M"

We can't see much of the sunset due to buildings and trees, but I can say for sure that the MOON is further north in the sky that we have ever seen.
Our great room has a bank of windows twelve feet long that look out due NE.  We watch the moonrise nightly, and have for the twenty-eight years we have lived here.  The moon's transit is always off the right-hand corner of the room, (i.e., it can be seen at the right hand end of the windows as it comes up in the east and heads westward over the end of our house). 
At the beginning of summer, I asked my family to look, and confirm what I was seeing.  They agreed, we had NEVER seen the moon so far north, it was directly out of the middle of our windows, at a mark almost exactly between north and east, in a place we had seen it before. 
A very significant, very sure change (no mistaking this...we have watched it nightly for years).