David Sweat (1 Aug 2011)
"RE: Those who proclaim America is "Mystery Babylon""

Just some thoughts here......America has a VERY large Jewish population. Are not the Jewish people God's chosen people? Do you really think that God will allow the murder of millions of American Jews before they have a chance to find the truth? I agree that America sure fits the bills in the Revelation description of Mystery Babylon. I agree that Americas sins are great and many when it comes to abortion, pornography, greed, power, lust....etc. And this great country of ours will answer for it. But there are a great many other countries out there that have far greater sins. Largely, America is sinful. But there are many Jews living here that I have a hard time believing that God is just gonna allow to be blown away just because they live here. Thats not the loving God I serve.

 It may be true. America may be Mystery Babylon. But i dont believe a nuclear strike will happen directly following the rapture. Maybe down the road, but not directly after. For fear of pointing a finger.....i will just say dont look at our fellow nonbelieving Americans as fodder in the cannon just because their sins are not mostly kin to our own. We all sin daily. Sin carries no weight. Its all the same in God's eyes. Our God is jealous and has a wrath that is coming. But there will be tribulation saints. Especially the 144,000 Jews who lead many to salvation in Jesus. I don't believe they will all come from Isreal. And the Word is to be preached to ALL the world. How can that be if America is a smoldering radiation crater?

 The Tribulation is Gods way of bringing the Isreali (Jewish) people back to true repentance and acknowledgement of Jesus as the Messiah. There are more Jews living in America than all of Isreal. Being Jewish isn't just about where you live, just like being an American isnt about where you are. So I ask you this.....Really?!?!?!?