Dave Molina (2 Aug 2011)
"Criminals at large"

Criminals at large. So much for a Republican House. Just as useless as they were when Bush was in office. The danger here, that is not being addressed, is the Marxist on the right, who is using all these "crisis" as an excuse to cover up his true agenda, which is the Totalitarian take over of the US.

Obama Announces Debt-Reduction Deal Approved by Senate, House Leaders

President Obama announced Sunday night that leaders of both parties in both chambers have reached an agreement on a debt-reduction deal that will "lift the cloud of uncertainty that hangs over our economy" and prevent the nation from potentially defaulting on the nation's financial obligations. According to the president, the deal means an immediate cut of $1 trillion in government spending over a 10-year period accompanied by a $900 billion increase in the debt ceiling. That will be followed by the creation of a committee to come up with additional cuts worth at least $1.5 trillion to be voted on by the end of the year. The debt ceiling will be raised by $1.5 trillion if the committee recommendations are approved. Each of the GOP and Democratic leaders in the chamber will nominate lawmakers to the 12-member...