Danny B (5 Aug 2011)
"RE: August 16"


It is funny that you should ask that. My wife has been seeing 16's since the first of the year. Her birthday is on the 16th so at first she thought it was due to her birthday. However she is seeing it so often she now thinks it has some other meaning. As for me, I am seeing 11's all the time. Perhaps I am seeing the year and she is seeing the day.

I do fine it very interesting that Tu B' Av is on a Tuesday this year. That fits the Jewish wedding ceremony and also fits in with Matthew 24:40 and Luke 17:34. These indicate that the rapture will occur on a normal work day and not on a sabbath or a holy day.

If August 16 is to be the rapture day, I suspect we will see some indication 7 days before. What I do not know but it is definitely a time to be watchful.




Joe Chappell (4 Aug 2011) 
"August 16th"

Dear Doves,
I would like to pose a question.
For several years, the date August 16th has stuck in my mind.
I have tried to research it , and really find nothing of special note on that date in history.
Every year, as the date  approaches, I begin to wonder.
I have always felt it had something to do with Israel.
Recently, I have come to knowledge , ( thru Fivedoves.com ) that the celebration of Tu B' Av occurs around this time.  Thanks to all the Doves, for all the posts on this fascinating subject.
Does this August 16th , 2011 have a special meaning ?
This August 16th may come and go without incident, and I suppose I will go on wondering.
I wish I could get it off my mind, but every year, it starts again.
Watching, waiting, and trying to stay patient.........joechappell