Daniel Lizarraga (23 Aug 2011)
"To Raul D"

Raul D
I encourage you to continue your search. Many other scriptures will confirm your findings.
Tabernacles is the third of the feasts of the Lord. Or Three time a year they had to appear before the Lord. Exodus 23.

All three feasts began on a first day of the week.
Unleavened bread, the Lord arose as the head of the church.
Pentecost counting from this day, the Body appeared.
Tabernacles which begins with a first day, will bring the Head and the body together.
Seven years later tabernacles ends on a first day  called the octave, This first day stands for his return with the church and is to be celebrated for 1000 years. Zec. 14
Though jewish writings are helpful, stay within the scripture on this thread.
Daniel L