Dana Babka (22 Aug 2011)
"Just thanking the Lord for the blessings he gives and opportunities to serve him."

Hi Doves, I just wanted to give the Lord praise for the Evangelism opportunity he has given to me. This summer I have been a part of   (Inside the Box Fair Ministry .org). As of Saturday morning there has been 1481 Precious Souls Saved. It was also very up lifting to be at the Fairs with other Fair Ministries and all supporting each other in prayer and in reaching out to the Lost, without arguing differences of Pentecostal and Baptist Doctrines, as they were represented. Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father and Salvation. Time is very short as the Lord is coming soon, and we must be looking for ways to reach the Lost through Ministries and praying without seizing for our Lost Loved Ones. May we all be praying for Missionaries and Ministries that are teaching the truth. Praising the Lord and watching for his soon return,    Dana.