Clay Cantrell (8 Aug 2011)
"Dream of the Orange Rain, Alaskan Mystery"

Interested Readers -

This article appeared on the CNN news site on Saturday August 6, 2011.

"Mystery substance comes to shore of Alaskan village"

here's the link:

note this particular quotation:

"The substance also may have rained down on the village Wednesday evening, because it was found in buckets that some residents used to collect rainwater that night, Mitchell said."


in the fall of 2003 I had a very short, but vivid dream, which I posted about. I've been watching for this, and now I am wondering if it has started.

here is the text from my post of November 13th, 2003-

A month ago I had a strange short dream that I made note of. I rarely dream.

in my dream I saw a rider on a horse. He and the horse were both dressed
in orange. the horse reared up on it's hind legs and the rider looked at me and said:

    "The orange rain is coming."

That's the end of the dream. it was very to-the-point, and little
interpretation is possible.

I had no information on what the Orange Rain actually was, but that it
was bad - toxic, poisonous, destructive. the rider was giving a warning,
without a doubt.

About the rider and horse's attire:

They were both fully dressed in clothing that was a hot ORANGE color,
and the rider's face was completely covered with some kind of armor or
face mask - you might possibly say the style of dress for both was
'flamboyant.' - like full military dress for ceremony - capes, banners,
sashes etc, like a knight for dressed for medieval warfare.

In the dream, i seemed to be outside somewhere in a landscape - not a
city. there are low mountains in the background, and the rider and I are
standing in sand or dirt. wherever it was, was some place weather-wise
that was dry - possibly west coast desert. my gut tells me I am facing
west - and I have had other dreams/visions from the Lord where i am
facing west.