Clay Cantrell (22 Aug 2011)
"re Will, the Rosetta Stone, + Word Pictures"

Will has an interesting post on numbers where he sites the Rosetta Stone as a deciphering key, making it analogous to the 911 number.

well articulated! I would agree!

In Genesis 1:1, the in-text value of "Beginning"' is 913, but the Strong's value is 911, seeming to indicate 9-11 (911) was a Beginning.

the Lord showed me in 12/97 that the target number X has two numbers to the left and two numbers to the right that are associated with it. thus:

909  910  911  912  913 are a group. this occurs for certain numbers. these numbers are CLUSTERED or, to use a similar term, BRACKETED.


Rosetta stone phonetic key discovered in 1802, i.e. names were spelled phonetically in the Egyptian text using pictures. Strong's 1802g = Enoch.

I am completely convinced that Strong's numbers are Years in SOME KEY CASES, but not necessarily every case! Planets align ONLY ON CERTAIN DATES. imho, the same is true of these numbers. Constellations are pictures made up of certain stars in certain positions. some stars belong in the constellation and some DO NOT!

I became convinced of the theory that Strong's numbers were Years in certain cases, and that they were CLUSTERED, with the following example:

Strong's 1865h = Liberty
Strong's 1864h = South

anyone who knows any basic United States history knows that there was one civil war in that great country. the Civil War between the North (Union) and the South (Confederacy). that war ended in 1865. the 'raison d'être' for the war was the issue of slavery. in 1863 then President Abraham issued the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing the slaves, and in 1865 Slavery was abolished via the 13th amendment to the Constitution.

1864h and 1865h seem to point to this.

the next number in the cluster is 1866. 1866h = Bird or Swallow.


I have long thought this 1866 number to be associated with Enoch, that it was a play on words, having a double meaning understandable in English.

Swallow either means a Bird, or the act of Swallowing that a human does.

one of the key root words associated with Enoch is 2441h CHEK, shown to be a root word in my Strong's concordance. bracketing and base conversion nails it to Enoch and the Rapture (catching away):

2441 = 726 + 989 + 726
Strong's Harpazo (caught up) =
726g = 989 Strong's gematric value

2441 base 10 = 989 base 16 ! perfect!

CHEK means Roof of the Mouth, or PALATE. used in SOS 7:09 key resurrection from the dead verse.

the Palette is a DOOR that CLOSES when a human SWALLOWS. this Door separates the upper chambers (sinus system) from the lower chambers (gastronomic system) in the human body.

I theorized that if Enoch were really the Catching Away, and 1866h Swallow (Bird) was really associated with Enoch then the proof would be found in the Psalms, specifically Psalm 84. why? Enoch Hebrew gematria is 84! before looking, I surmised that if the thinking behind the theory was correct, then Psalm 84 SHOULD HAVE SOME REFERENCE TO THE BIRD CALLED A "SWALLOW"!

the Holy Spirit's leading was correct!

the text speaks for itself -

Psalm 84:3
"Yea, the sparrow hath found an house, and the SWALLOW a nest for herself, where she may lay her young, even thine altars, O LORD of hosts, my King, and my God."

84 is Enoch. in October of 2004 the Lord had me looking at Element 84, Polonium. Melting and Boiling points of this highly radioactive element were obviously Jared and known 9-11 numbers. i then reached a reasonable conclusion and forecast that there should be a Polonium 'event' occurring in the near future. this in fact happened in November 2006 when the former Russian spy Alexander Litveninko was murdered using Polonium 210 as a weapon and died on 11.23.2006.

this analogy of using the Human Body as a timepiece or analogy for real prophetic events in human history is Biblical! Daniel interprets the King's dream of a giant statue with a head of gold, and different body sections made of different metals. the statue is a measure of the chronology of time into the far future from Daniel's day, from top to bottom. the Church is also likened to a human body, with the Lord Jesus as the head!

I postulate the following:

that at the time of the Resurrection/Rapture event (1 Thessalonians 4:16-16), prototyped by Enoch, that a great Swallowing occurs. the Upper Chambers (Heaven) are CLOSED (the Door is shut, see Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins) and that certain entities go down into the Lower Chambers. this is likened to Korah and the Rebels who are SWALLOWED by the earth at Moses' word (see Numbers 16:30). we already know that among other things, the 527 number (Jared's age when Enoch is taken) means many things, one of which is the SPLITTING of two things down the middle. when Elijah is 'caught up' by the Chariot of fire, it SPLITS Elijah and Elisha from each other and comes between them!

I further postulate the following:

at the time of the Resuurection/Rapture, the earth 'swallows' certain parties. this might be an earthquake so devastating that it creates a fissure in the earth taking large tracks of land and it's occupants into Sheol, like Korah and the rebels. I theorize that it occurs in the USA, and that it splits the country's land mass into distinct two parts, and that from space you would no longer recognize it as the USA, completely disfiguring it. I suppose it could also be a worldwide event, tied to the Resurrection of the Dead in Christ.

imho, this is the judgment of which the event of 9-11 was the forerunner.

that is strictly a theory.