Christina (26 Aug 2011)
"For: Mike C"

 Thank you so much for what you wrote to me! It has helped my heart so much! I love Jesus so much and look forward to His coming everyday! I just want to strive to be the best I can be for Him! I read my bible so much everyday and pray & praise and pray for others! I cannot say that sometime the "Storm" I see coming does not scare me. (Elenin, earthquakes & stuff).  I try and always keep my eyes upon Him and His Word. And I worry/heart aches much and pray much for people who don't have Jesus and the ones that say they do and just live they way the they want to live, as if He doesn't exsist. Truthfully I am scared for them and worry about this. To think that so many people will die makes my heart ache so bad that it almost makes me ill. I do pray about this also and cry. I do try to be joyful knowing He is coming, but my heart aches about this, so it is with part joy and sadness all the time.