Christina (2 Aug 2011)
"The Elect, The Restrainer, The Falling Away? What did He mean Doves??"

Dear Doves,
Not to long ago I worked at PTCB. (Christian Broadcasting)
When I worked there most of the programers were post-trib. (alot of Torah teachers also) even the co-founders and most the staff. I had been taught pre-trib, so I was kind of looked at but I would ask questions and ask some of the programers also. And I have to say they were so convincing, even using Gods Word. So convincing I came to much doubt about being pre-trib and started searching the scriptures and asking God. Please show me Lord, I want to know. I felt so inbetween wondering which one was right. I would always think about the immency of Christs return, and think, well if He was going to come back at the end of the 7 years, how could that be a surprise? It didn't make sense.
One night as I lay there in bed after reading my bible talking with the Lord, 3 things came to my mind. I felt He was trying to tell me something so I jumped out of bed and ran and got a pen and wrote them down.
The "3" things were:
1. The Elect
2. The Falling Away
3. The Restainer
Why these "3" things I wonder?
Ok, the "Elect is the church right?
the "Restrainer" is the Holy Spirit right?
the "Falling Away", but in the bible it says, "Rebellion",,, Means people falling away right?
Why these "3" things???
The Lord knew I wanted to know Pre or Post trib. I wanted to know if He was coming back for us.
Am I missing something here Doves????
In my heart I still believe Pre-trib.  After all I read in the Word and study.
I look for His return!
These "3" things were said to me months before I had the dream I posted a few days ago where He said He was coming back soon.
I just feel I didn't fully understand what He was trying to tell me.