Christina (13 Aug 2011)
"For: Diana"

 Hi Diana,
Yesterday we got some rain! & today we are suppose to get some more in the evening. Praise God!
I have been praying daily for it and asking for forgiveness for us here.  I went outside on the porch with my little girl and watched it rain, crying and just praising God, and and thanking Him!
I also have been getting food and saving all my scriptural papers of things going on and what is coming so that, if by chance my children are left behind or anyone else my find them and be able to see what the truth really is,, Only Jesus saves!
I have even thought about getting some folders and copying all the information I have on Salvation, Tribulation, The Lords Feasts ect,, and keeping them with me when I am out and giving them out when I am in town. I feel the Holy Spirit will lead me as I do that. :)
Many Blessings!