Christina (10 Aug 2011)
"For: Josua"

 Hello Josua,
Thank you so much for writing back to me. I was looking at my notes that I wrote on the trumpets, that is why I thought that. But I went back over the Seals and it seems to be the "6th" that starts that in the heavens, right? It just seems we're so close because that in the heavens is so close, and coming. And,, if this is just still the birth pangs and the Trib. hasn't started yet, my goodness, what  horror when they are opened!
My heart just breaks so much,, I look each day at people and family and noone cares to cry out to Him or get to know Him. The horror that is coming on this world is terrifying and they don't seem to care or notice. It seems just another day for them,,,  just another day of living in the world,, no repentence, no fear of God,,  my heart just breaks!  I will keep praying for all of them and pray for His soon return which I look so much forward to!!!!!!!!!!
I always told my older kids when they were young , when they see me in heaven they would definetly recognize me because I would be the one holding on to Jesus' leg,,,,, cause once I get there, I told them, I am NEVER letting go! :) (that always made them laugh)
Your sister in Christ,