Christina (11 Aug 2011)
"For Diana: Loneliness of the christian"

Hello Diana,
I hope I am not being rude by reading the post you put for Linda. I usually do read everything everyone posts on here. Alot of it touches my heart! I idenify with the loneliness of being a christian so much. Your right so many people do not care anymore, and it just breaks my heart! I am so longing for His return! I just cry out for it. I have no one around me that feels this way, no friends and not even my husband or children. (ages: 21, 20 but I have a baby girl who is 2 1/2, what a blessing she is!) They say they believe but live so much in the world that it just breaks my heart.  I just pray for them, and just keep praying. I guess that is all we can do is lift them up to our Father everyday!
I live in West Texas and the heat here is just awful,, no clouds in sight here, or should I say, no rain clouds, but I am hoping and lots of praying to ask the Lord to forgive us and send us some rain here.
Watching for Him,