Charles (9 Aug 2011)
"A form of godliness without power"

Jesus said that when he comes back we who are on the light as He is the light can know we are not in darkness. Hence the command to watch and pray to be accounted worthy to escape the wrath to come. We are to patiently keep the faith of His name. Well I went camping this weekend I prayed all summer because what is coming should I go and until Friday it was no. Suddenly on prayer I got a yes. My wife did not understand I wanted to be spiritually right not just doing what I wanted. Everything worked out we got the last of two sites etc. Well I come to find out I was there on the weekend of a cursio campout. Everyone had tieye shirts, they played where the streets have no name had religious merchandise for sale and raffles and bingo and were happy. I have been approaching my salvation with fear and trembling. Jesus has through the spirit been telling me constantly He is coming. Whenever I said to someone Jesus is coming soon I get the general yes he is but we do not know when want a Jesus bumper sticker or the such from those who do not change the subject or just flat out do not believe or care. Well this morning I am hearing Him say a form of godliness without power. They are not aware He is coming! My wife has attended a UM church for fifteen years and asked me what a peace treaty with Israel had to do with Jesus coming then got tired when I began to explain seeing perhaps a chance to become Noah instead Of Lot! Elenin is coming as a light that shines from East to West it causes earthquakes when it aligns, Jesus said they will say here I am (camping) do not go for as the light shining from East to West so shall the coming of the son of man be. The sign in Virgo of the woman giving birth on The feast of Trumpets. Israel pushing for statehood all end of September. All the signs guys and almost no one professing His name has a clue. I was tolerable as a Christian as long as I wore my tiedye shirt and went to church for an hour and live in the real world the rest of the time I am ok. But this constant warning Jesus is Coming back and leaving a denomination for supporting the covenant with death I am not fitting in anymore. See I saw the light it's not about us accepting Christ it's about us repenting and Making Jesus our life so He abides with us. Everything in this world is coming to an end and those happily worshiping according to this world do not see we are not a part of it in Christ he called us out. He is coming this Elenin is a shining light burning like a refining fire it will scrub the Earth like a fullers soap. YU 55 is coming after and may be wormwood the declaring of a Palistinian state will bring tribulation and wrath. The time for tiedye and bumper stickers is over. It's time to seek true Godliness with power to save us from the wrath to come. The world is going on as in the days of Noah I have to go to a wedding next week there is work yet inside I am tearfully trembling trying to work out my salvation because God is coming as a refining fire all the signs are converging and the world keeps rolling on. Please now is the time to get off the bus spiritually and turn off the TV and get to know the Living God in non vain worship and make Jesus your all in all He is the lifeboat the storm is coming and a cave will not save you.