Charles (31 Aug 2011)
"A big con game!"

This message is from the Lord! Receive it or not it's still the truth and time is running out to walk in the truth and be saved by a renewing of your mind and a transforming of your heart!

From the day you are born you are dead! You cannot take your toys with you when you die. When you reach the age of atonement you are held responsible for your actions one sin sends you to eternal punishment!

Jesus Christ Gods only begotten son died for your sins. If you confess with your mouth He is Lord and believe God raiser Him from the dead you are not condemned!

Here is the thing. This whole world is a con. It is designed from birth to condition us to be covetous, prideful, competitive, self centered. It trains us to work to go and give most of what we make away in taxes, interest, and spend the rest on cheap crap at Walmart or mindless entertainment. To view thinking behind the TV set or sports or politics or non PC as our friends as a waste.

In essence God says if we love the world love for him is not in us. If we love and chase after money as our main goal in life we cannot also serve him. If we keep buying more stuff to satisfy the misery the work we do brings we will never be satisfied.

In the end we will have not sought him his saving grace and die losing all we thought we had.

This world so powerfully is a delusion we watch tv which comfirms us to the world bombarded with commercials to consume. If we seek God at all one hour in a church covers that check box we think and a few dollars in the plate.

We miss the message the earth is going to be consumed burned up and our things! No one is telling this in church!

Everyone fights you so hard to prove everything is ok and Jesus is not coming back because they do understand they are betting on the wrong horse that they can go along with the course of this world and pay lip service to Jesus if they bother to go to God at all.

They are mocking the earthquake in Virginia they should be praying for mercy for the one coming out there! They laugh at the hurricane weakening when they should be thanking for mercy!

I was handing out bibles yesterday. I saw a woman I thought soon the same they were watchtowers! Wheat and tares God was sowing and so was the enemy. Wake up what your being told To care about is a con. Seek Jesus seek life for real now time is running out!