Charles (26 Aug 2011)
"I hope to bear fruit"

You know how when you go hiking the farther you go in the woods the more buggy it gets the more animals you see the more your likely to find wild fruit. The less people you see because well the reasons above and you may get stuck eating wild fruit. I have always yearned to be in the middle of the woods rather then the middle of the mall. But I keep having to come back and no time to go there. It dawned on me today that the modern denominations are like a campground we stayed at because my wife or son will not go into the woods. Full hookups air conditioning, concrete pads to camp on, swimming pools, game rooms, convenience store, laundry, etc. Everyone was having a great time. I got to walk down the wooded road they were using to expand and pretend it was the wild woods. Jesus is in the woods on the narrow path I know because I see him every time I get to go there! Oh yeah earthquake in NY? Nothing to see here! Please Jesus take mercy on us that are humbly watching and waiting for your rescue we want to be in the woods with you the world keeps paving them over with concrete though! Let us abide in your mercy in Jesus name I pray for our redemption and rescue.