Charles (22 Aug 2011)
"Re grace prophecy"

I just watched The great lakes prophecy video. I fully believe he is a true servant of God and Jesus! Well here it is last Saturday I prayed to Jesus for some time alone with him and got four hours to go hiking I live ten miles from one of the great lakes. Our house is on the highest point of land looking down. I hiked a wooded area to a secret beach on the lake I know. I made a cross out of driftwood and put it up to honor Jesus and I said God it would be so nice just to be able to stay here and away from the world until you come somewhere peaceful. His response if I were to stay there I would die. I just thought he meant you know being outside in the elements. Then I saw this video. I prayed to Jesus fifteen years ago to help us find a house he led me to ours. Again I am shaking. Oh please Lord have mercy On your Doves! Forgive our sins save us write us in your book of remembering make us your gems. Doves Grace I just wanted to stay on that beach it seemed so peaceful unlike the world I built a cross to Him there were two perfect pieces of driftwood one had a notch in it and a flat bottom it hooked under a log and stood the other fit in the notch and perfectly balanced in the middle! The sun shone down upon it casting a shadow! I felt so close to Jesus I wanted to stay. He said to me if I were to stay there I would die. Could this be why?