Charles (20 Aug 2011)
"A plee for repentance unto obedience unto salvation"

Doves, after a lifetime of religion I put my life in Jesus hands personally I prayed after reading John 3:16 that I believed Jesus was the son of God lord and savior I saw he was love true love this world promises but does not deliver. I said I would do it his way. He took my through 29 years of life to get to that broken point I had ways known something was wrong with the reality of the world when I was a kid doing the stations of the cross I thought should not we be praying to Jesus. It took me 29 Years folks you all have at most maybe a month. The lure of maybe not maybe I have 20 years takes the urgency away. The world does not understand do not live for this now live to capture every thought to Jesus truly seek him now right now times are here the world will not see until it is seen in the sky from east to west Noah will be in the boat. Jesus died for our sins so that we can live for Him. How can I witness except to say I prayed in truth and spirit and he showed me he is real. I am trembling in fear as a watchman please I warn any non Christian reading this or any worldly treating Jesus as another activity or bandaid repent of this world wash yourself now in Jesus blood realize in humility how unworthy we all are to have him come to save us and live for him in our hearts minds and souls. All the material things will be burned up seek him first and all things will be yours and you will be his. Pray to Jesus lord I am a sinner I am sorry you had go foe for me I want to serve you I confess you are lord and raised from the dead to be savior and king. I put my life in your hands today and will live for you. Please I warn you as a watchman time is short do not let your world take away your eternity faith acted on in obedience saves.