Charles (18 Aug 2011)
"To all doves thank you!"

All of you I cannot tell you the mercy you showed me I always wanted to visit Australia Susan now I just want to see you all in the clouds to be counted worthy to escape the wrath to come to pull others out if I can. Like Lynn said this world is loading me down I have double the workload in September I usually have I have to take care of my dad my son and all I can think is this work I will not even see the fruits of it I really do not believe I will be here in October to be paid for it or if the money will not be more then TP by then but off I go to work but my mind is working out salvation with fear and trembling. That is the hardest we are supposed to walk in Christ and the world and all our responsibilities in it want us to walk in it the wide way to death and no one gets it they we need to take Jesus lifeline and get off the conveyor belt. I often dream of a place of believers waiting on Christ this board is that dream here and our togetherness in the clouds is the realization. I do not want to focus on next year it's nuts to everyone but they are nuts to me. Thank you all I am not worthy of so great a compassing of saints. My wife has a better heart and a better concern for remembering things like birthdays then me I am always more concerned with being right before Jesus and trying to warn about what I see coming. I could play normal husband but it's a lie Jesus is real he is coming and he is our only hope in this world or the next. I wish I could hug all of you except the guys I will shake your hand lol seriously thank you for your care. My sons dream shows Jesus is warning us it's just so few are listening. Please I am trying to warn in love this Elenin is both the sign of our deliverance and the wrath to come please pray for my family and all of us may we be in the lifeboat together. Thank you all doves. May you all be safe in Jesus name. I love you all.