Charles (18 Aug 2011)
"Confirmation number 8410 confirmation from the Lord"

Doves I was at work reading the letter confirmation 8410 and adding in my head saying 42 days until September 29th my spirit screaming he is coming I have been trying to warn others for eight months he is showing this also and I look down and see an HP toner box the number 42A!42 days A begins my last name! I was not in my office just standing where I was reading the letter doing the math in my head praying I look down while saying 42 days to see the number 42 the Lord knew I would be there reading the letter thinking that thought at that moment! This plus my sons double earthquake dream describing a perfect pole flip a phenomenon he knows not of amazing I a trembling humble servant. Plus the part of the post about Psalm 84:10 I told the Lord the other night when I posted broken and alone I would rather scrub the floors or hold the door same thought in his kingdom then rule anywhere else! 42 days confirming 8410!