Charles (16 Aug 2011)
"I stand alone"


Well tonight was my fourteenth wedding anniversary. Since my son had that dream I have been more adamant in my separation from worldly things. I have stopped watching tv my wife watches soap operas and housewives in the bedroom while I am on the couch reading Ephesians. None of our friends mostly Catholic or liberal vote for o people have a clue Jesus is coming. I have been studying prophecy for years and as long as I went along with the worlds flow and kept my mouth shut I was ok! Now that I am not I am being told by my wife to shut up she is not going to worry about every little thing and I can stew in my head or go. She says we are not going to my church (um church) because they are supporting the peace plan you rave about thats your decision. Her church? I went fifteen years but cannot support it supporting calling for the division of Gods land "worldly Christians" never read the bible listen to a tickle ear sermon twice a month and wonder why I am so concerned
About us making Israel give up it's occupied territory! What when the foundations have been destroyed what can the righteous do! So I am trying to warn my wife who has sat in church for fifteen years Jesus is coming the wrath is coming the tribulation is coming and on the other side is all our friends who see the world just going on who are looking for some politician to fix things so they can get back to football and shopping and their 401ks will go up. Plus the tv has to be on as soon as we are home and she is tired of my constant dwelling on the fact that Jesus may be coming back and is going to rapture those found watching and praying so maybe we should turn the Tv off and pick up the bible. Well she is watching her soap operas eating pie in bed while I realize she has sided with the world and tv and in her mind if anything was wrong they would be telling us what to do on CNN or her learned friends would be seeing this. They are wrong all of them right up until the rapture clinging to this dying worlds false reality and I am truly alone. How do I protect my family my son when my own wife tells me to leave or shut up got warning her Jesus is coming and it's time to turn off the TV? They do not know about Elenin and do not know about the tribulation have never read revelations or the bible but have Gone to church their whole lives so their ok they know one verse no man knows the day that's all and wave the May 21st guy camping like a victory flag in your face I cannot believe the hostility of the reaction to the mere suggestion that Christ is coming back and he is coming for those that are making Him Lord not just adding him to their list of things to do right below watch American Idol. The world will not believe the rapture because the most left behind will deny it because they are still here.