Charles (1 Aug 2011)
"To Lynn"

Yes Lynn I feel this way every day lately! No one wants to here my warnings about what is soon to come. I told Jesus today I was alone except for Him and prayed He would never leave me. I told God I would scrub the floor of Heaven with a toothbrush if He would just have mercy on me and keep me from the wrath to come. I would rather serve in Heaven then rule you know where.  I have a family I am thankful for but I feel like Lot more then Noah I have to listen and care about all the earthly things they do but try and bring up you are being shown in the spirit that the rapture may occur this Rosh hosanna when Palistine is voted on by the UN and that this comet Elenin looks like the fulfillment of revelations six seal and well I am the crazy one. The issue is they cannot see the signs because they believe the delusion of life here is reality and that it will keep going on. The truth is of the spirit and even if you go to church no one is watching and warning. I just left the UM church after fifteen years because they are calling for and supporting the two state solution with Palistine and using our donations to do this. Most mainline denominations have jumped on board through the world council of churches through the UN. The people in the pews do not care do not understand why this matters I got well you are on the missions committee why leave or wha about the people why leave. I told them we cannot spit in Gods eye and stand against Him on Israel and then profess to proclaim Him to others. He has called me out it's all a deception to keep us in the dark on the wide path until we die. I am in fearful awe of our Lord and trembling because He has shown me the truth He is coming all prophetic signs are lining up for the end of September. And no one wants to hear they are willfully ignorant of God saying when Israel came to be we are the last generation. They are misled at church. Told soothing words God is love he wants cheerleaders not God is also Lord and he wants humble repentant servants. So the world sees something going on but blames global warning and is looking for a political physical savior to protect their 401ks they are more willing to believe aliens created them and they came from monkeys then they are formed in the image if their God and are of infinite value. The church is focused on works and politics and the abundent life and ie. Campus Crusade changing to CRU do not want what Jesus actually said about judgement and repentance and the signs of his coming to get in the way of them doing good works and winning in the political arena and telling people about how Jesus loves them. Huh so yeah I am a fearful trembling sinner redeemable only by Jesus grace and mercy working out my salvation in fear and trembling trying to warn others who do not see or cannot hear and the Harold Campings offer the perfect excuse for them not to believe the real signs. By the time the sun goes dark September 26th it will be maybe too late fir them to wake up. The world will see it as a physical threat to survive the denominational ecumenical church will demy it's anything to worry about then the earthquake, the rapture and oops you bet on the wrong horse. I just feel trapped in this world and frustrated no one sees hears or cares especially in the houses that call themselves by His name. So I guess Lynn neither one of us are alone just few and far between I hope I see you in the clouds keep watching and praying that we may be found worthy to escape the wrath to come.