Chance (9 Aug 2011)
"To Paul Wilson and Doves with pets...ready the Buddy story :)"

Dear Paul and Doves,
I read the story about Buddy that you posted on 8/8/11.  Reminded me of my dog story - my black German Shepherd Phantom.  That story began shortly after he died...his favorite outside ball mysteriously showed up beside his bed next to my bed two mornings after he died (he died following exploratory surgery at CSU Vet Hospital - he never came back to the farm).  I didn't think much of this at the time as I was grieving but I kept it in my heart...2 years later to the month he 'reappeared' for a very short time, shortly before 2 other of my German Shepherd Dogs passed away.
If it hadn't happened to me I would never have believed anyone with 'my' story.  I shared this story with my Vet...well, she had her own story with her own dog!!!  She told me she hears many stories like mine...people think they are seeing things or hearing things or feeling things...that they are crazy...but they aren't - there are too many stories  - it's not just wishful thinking.
My dog reappeared 2 years later..I had since gotten another black German Shepherd Dog and had basically moved on.  I think people often miss these 'visitations' because they are too preoccupied to notice or just can't believe it so they make up something to explain what just happened - I tried to do that except I couldn't get around the fact that the dog that came back had been rained I could I possibly make up feeling a wet dog when it wasn't raining/wet outside? (I live in a rural area on a farm - high desert - middle of a drought).
G-d is very fond of animals. :)  I believe animals have a spirit in them that G-d loves very much...I believe their spirits get a changed body when their earthly body can no longer survive in this world - like what they had but can transcend the physical world.  I don't believe people who have passed away can come back...because of the soul - but angels go back and forth between Earth and Heaven...and I believe animals can do the same - at least that's the explanation that appears the best to me for now.:)
Great story about Buddy!!!  I fully expect to see all of my dogs, cats, horses, etc. in Heaven one Vet said I'm going to need a pretty big place up there. :)
Thanks, Chance