Cathy Matamoros (3 Aug 2011)
"Re: Shelva Sirry A call to Arms!"

Shelva and all Doves,
 I totally agree with you. As Christians if we cannot support one another in a cause that is something as basic as fasting and praying, then at least we should not be criticizing those who do. We cannot know what God lay's on a brother or sister's heart and besides, Jesus told us to judge not lest we also be judged.
In 1997, on my second mission trip to Cortazar, Mexico, one of our fellow missionaries fell ill with what appeared to be a heart attack. One of our host families ran for a cardiologist. He treated him and asked for someone to come the next morning to help him explain what his diagnosis was. He didn't speak English and our nurse didn't speak Spanish. I spoke more Spanish than the rest of the group, so I was elected. I had begun studying Spanish before my first mission trip and was picking it up quickly and easily, though I had failed two years in high school. However, I was petrified! How could they expect me to translate for a cardiologist!? So that night I got on my knees and prayed with all my heart that God would hold my hand though it. I pleaded, telling him I wasn't capable of such a task. After what seemed an eternity struggling with God about my inadequacies, His peace wrapped me like a soft hug and in my spirit I plainly heard Him say..."go in the morning, you are more capable than you know, and this is going to be my special blessing for you on this mission trip. Just listen carefully and I will give you understanding, and I will put the words in your mouth that you lack and through this I will be glorified."
 So the next morning, we met in the host family's home with patient and Dr. Before we began, I let everyone know that it was God speaking with me and guiding me through this translation. After about thirty minutes, the cardiologist looked at me and said "Entendi todo que me dijiste" (I understood everything you said to me) and I was able to truthfully reply "Yo tambien, Gracias a Dios" (me too, thanks be to God). It was the most awesome God moment in my life, but I could have sooo easily said no, I can't do it, find someone else.
 I can't go to Texas, but I will fast and pray with Gov. Perry and my Christian brothers and sisters. God is calling, and He often uses the very ones who don't seem capable, or fit the "image". I for one will not ignor His call. The time is come that we should listen with our spirit and not with our bias.
 Thanks Shelva~I'm with you.
ysiC~ Cathy