Carl Lindquist (15 Aug 2011)
"As school is starting, here is mandatory reading for your high school or college student"

 To all Doves,  
 As many have children getting ready to navigate through the antichristian secularist fiasco called our public school and university system, I think it should be mandatory for all Christian and other theistic parents to have their children read this article. Then read it a second time. Then a third time.
    "Evolution and Me," written by George Gilder, an information theory and technology guru, who details his abandonment of darwinian naturalism with overpowering effectiveness.  It is a very intellectually deep article that requires intense concentration to digest, but it is the most devastating attack against materialistic naturalism ever written. Your children will never be the same if they seriously read and study this article. It's a "but the empower has no clothes" sort of expose.