Candace (29 Aug 2011)
"Rapture debate"

Hi doves I was watching Perry Stones old manna fest programs on you tube the other day and he said people write him and call him a heretic because he is pre trib rapture. He said he is not a heretic because he has a different opinion. It seems to me over the last couple of years people have forgotten what the unpardonable sin is. The unpardonable sin is rejecting Jesus not having a different opinion on the time of the rapture. There are people on here that believe the trib has started,does that make them damned and false because that's not what you believe. Are people wrong and false because they are of a different denomination? Have a different opinion about time? Etc........ I could go on and on. If someone said there is no rapture then yes that's false becomes the bible is completely clear on it but whether you believe its pre mid or post trib we all know it will happen. I am one who agrees with some on here the trib has begun and I don't think the ones that disagree with me are any less then me its a different OPINION. God does not judge us on our opinion,only God knows each of our hearts.The bottom line is the heart. Years ago at my old church we would have fellowship and talk about the bible we loved our neighbors as ourselves now all I here christians do is bicker and argue about who's  right and who's wrong who's real who's false when they don't know the others heart. If there is any person on this earth that knows the complete bible just like Jesus himself then please let me know because I didn't know there was a human that has the complete knowledge like God other than Jesus God himself.I understand there are many wrong views and false prophets but it seems these days its the popular saying of they are wrong they are false. We have to watch for him because it could be anytime. I think this is a plan of satan where we can't even give our christian opinions anymore without someone putting us down. I don't agree with a lot of other peoples views I don't think anyone agrees with another on everything but the one thing  I will always agree on is there is a heaven there is hell Jesus is savior and he is coming(IF YOU LOVE HIM HE LOVES YOU) and he knows which way it is because he knows your heart

God bless the doves