Candace (27 Aug 2011)
"Re Diana Pat Robertson"

Hi Diana a lot of people may not agree with me either. I like to here what other people think and there opinions but when you hear no secret rapture that's a little tough to hear. I did see Pat Robertson. A lot of people believe he's a false prophet but they call everyone that these days if they have a different opinion. He believes Jesus is the son of God and he died for us and he's the only way to heaven and he does believe in the rapture he's just post trib. No one is a heretic because they are pre mid or post trib people make all kinds of mistakes look at David,Samson etc. I just wanted to add that because people love to yell false prophet because they don't quite grasp what prophecy is. When the disciples asked Jesus what are the signs of HIS COMING FOR US to look for, he said don't let anyone deceive you, earthquakes, famine, disease and THEY WILL KILL YOU and hate you for my name sake. He did not say don't worry you won't be hear bc of the rapture. He said we have to pick up the cross and suffer be persecuted and be prepared to be martyrs. I used to be pre trib of course I'm not now and if its Gods will for me to be a martyr I am honored to die for him like he did for me. People suffer everyday and are not raptured and I believe we are about to get a taste of that. Now it sounds like I am post trib but I am writing what people don't say anymore and because of that people are not prepared for what the Lord said we will face just because I personally have not faced famine does not mean I couldn't because I'm gone in the rapture because people face it everyday and many more will before the rapture. I am actually around mid or let's say I hope, I pray its now and we are on Gods watch not ours so I believe it could be anytime, no one knows right? No one knows but people love to fight about it. It could be post I don't know he didn't  tell me. Jesus never told us when, he never said before in the middle or after the trib he said watch, pray and if you belong to me be prepared to be persecuted! I have  studied so much on rapture points, seperating  advents, dispensation its more than my brain can handle,the deeper you dig in the bible the deeper you see it is. I love Perry Stone and his parallel on the jewish wedding and rapture is great and I can see what Pat says too. I had to give that to God,what another person on earth says does not convince me either way. I believe for the best but prepare my faith for the worst. To read what Jesus says we will face is scary ,not just the trib but life in general. I do not have a false sense of security that I will never face anything,he said we will and I am secure whether here or there because I'm secure in him. I was pre because that's the majority but there was too much I couldn't over look anymore. Its an opinion so which ever you chose to believe will not interfere with your relationship with JC he loves those that love him whether they're pre mid or post either way they will go when he calls us. He will lead us step by step threw anything because he never leaves one lamb behind. Go to God and ask him for in site and wisdom,his sheep here his voice. I learned its better to wait on him to speak then to make a decision on our own or argue with other people. For some reason Jesus was not specific on the rapture all we can know is its real because he said he's coming.
God bless you