Bruce Baber (6 Aug 2011)
"To M.A.P. re "falling away""


I agree with you concerning "falling away" as used in 2nd Thessalonians.  In the context of that letter, it certainly does make good sense to translate it as "departure"!

On a related note: The church of Thessalonica was worried that they had already missed the rapture and Paul had to write to them and comfort them.  Some look at Paul's letter and say that Paul was writing to comfort them about the second coming.  But who could possibly miss that?  Everyone would see and know when Jesus comes back! The rapture on the other hand makes better sense. 

In Paul's day, communication wasn't what it is now.  It was reasonable for the church of Thessalonica to wonder if they missed the rapture.  In their 

Afterall, there will be some people alive today who will look around and realize that they really did miss the rapture.



Bruce Baber