Bruce Baber (30 Aug 2011)
"To Paul Wilson re the menu in heaven"


Brother Paul,
I don't think I've ever given much thought to the menu of the Marriage Supper.  But I have to admit that the thought of it made me smile.

I am of the opinion that our tastes will be different than they are now.  Maybe I should say that our tastes will be greatly enhanced instead of different.  I believe that all of our senses will be elevated to a higher level just as our bodies will be.  That being said, I think any "earthly" type food would be practically bland by to comparison.


I do, however, think that there will be foods that are designed to be like our personal eartly favorites.  If you like chocolate now, imagine a kind of chocolate that is better suited to our new taste buds.  It will be way better!

So I guess you would find types of the foods you like best, but vastly improved and prepared to compliment your higher senses.  It's hard to imagine.

Perhaps we will find out together very soon.


Bruce Baber