Bruce Baber (27 Aug 2011)
"1811 & 2011 Earthquakes and Comets"


The "Great Comet" of 1811 is designated C/1811 F1.  This comet was notable for its size and the fact that it was observable by the naked eye for 260 days.

If you remember my post yesterday, you'll recall that 1811 was the year the New Madrid earthquakes kicked off.
I can't help but wonder if there is any way to track back and see what kind of alignment there might have been on December 16th, 1811 the day the first New Madrid quake took place.

If you are familiar with any of the computer programs that allow for that kind of research, please look into this!  It would perhaps give credence to some of of the assertions being made about Elenin's association with some of the current earthquakes, or perhaps it will discredit them.  Either way it might be instructive.  (Living here close to the New Madrid fault zone might have something to do with why I would be interested to find out).

I can't help but wonder about the parallels between 1811 and 2011.  I also seem to recall (perhaps I am wrong about this) that the "Great Comet" came from the same low southern trajectory as Elenin is supposedly coming from and that their appearances are both most distinct in the northern hemisphere at about the same time of the year.  These are two different comets, but there seems to be some similarities.  I will have to see if any one can possibly shed some further light on the matter.

You know I really, really hope the rapture is coming soon.



Bruce Baber