Bruce Baber (23 Aug 2011)
"To Amy V and Paul Wilson re mansions or apartments in "Living in the New Jerusalem""


Thinking about what living in the New Jerusalem will be like is fascinating and I spend some time nearly everyday letting my thoughts drift there.


Randy Alcorn wrote a wonderful book titled "Heaven" and it explains a great deal purely from a biblical perspective.


That being said, I want to offer my own personal speculation on the subject.  Granted, it is purely speculation.  The way I've imagined that it might be is that the New Jerusalem will contain many doors with each opening to a different place designed specifically for each of us.


For example my personal address in the New Jerusalem would be a door that when I would have passed through it, I would find myself in a great mountain forest with enormous trees.  There would be a stream that is crossed by a stone bridge and a pathway leading to a stone cottage.  In that cottage would be everything that is pleasing to me.  Books, art, music, a cheery fire in a fireplace, fresh bread baking in the kitchen, a little workshop with a magnificent view.  And of course my dogs too.


But other doors in the New Jerusalem would bring people to places that are more ideally suited for them that would be far different.  Perhaps someone else would be happiest living on a street with more hustle and bustle.  Then again maybe someone else would want a white picket fence around a little white house and a garden.  Each setting would be different in a multidimensional universe where each one is accessed by a different door in the New Jerusalem.  Since our individual tastes are different, why wouldn't our eternal homes be just as different?


Well perhaps this is all just a daydream and no doubt someone will write to me with something quite different to say about the subject.  I just wanted to share my thoughts and if you have the time, or the inclination, you could share yours with me.



Bruce Baber