Bruce Baber (11 Aug 2011)
"Know your history... watch this prophecy"

At this writing, Ariel Sharon is 82 years old.  His last birthday was February 26th or 27th, 1928 (sources vary).  He has been in a coma since January 4th, 2006.  Before suffering his stroke, the Israeli government had adopted Mr. Sharon's proposal to evict Israelis from the Gaza strip and 4 settlements on the West Bank.  In August of 2005, the adopted proposal was enacted.

     I don't know when terrorism will erupt in full force  my hope is that it won't ever. But I am convinced today that the disengagement will eventually aggravate terrorism instead of reducing it. The security establishment also expects an increase in terrorism. The withdrawal endangers Israel's security, divides its people and set the standards of the withdrawal to the '67 border.

Benjamin Netanyahu, 2005


It may be time that we are reminded of the prophecy that concerns Ariel Sharon.  If you don't know the prophecy, you should watch this.  We of course don't know if we should put any stock in this prophecy by the then 108 year old rabbi Kaduri who coincidentally died about a month after Sharon's stroke.  But when Sharon passes, it might be the sign that Jesus' return is close at hand.



Bruce Baber