Bob K. (18 Aug 2011)
"a Lion, a sword, broken glass, and snow"

Hi John and Doves,

I recently asked the Lord to tell me, above and beyond my own research, what is "arriving" in regards to fall 2011. (have researched Middle East events, Elenin and Nibiru, the political scene, etc.)

First (on August 16), He showed me representations of the next four months in the form of simple visions. He has shown me just a little. I felt that a prophetic site I visit every day told me why: that I would have more peace by seeing part of the bigger picture, not getting hung up on details.

September, 2011: I saw the Lion of Judah standing on the Earth. He looked very powerful and his roar was mighty! I was not afraid, just in awe!

October: I saw a simple, white country church with a steeple. A sword was sticking straight up out of it. The handle of the sword was out of sight inside the church. The blade protruded vertically. It was a two-edged sword (important).

November: I saw a man, simply dressed, walking in a field littered with broken stained glass. Periodically he bent down to pick up a piece here and there. He saved those pieces in a seed bag.

December: I was standing somewhere. It was a rural setting. I was in the midst of a major snow storm. An increasingly deep blanket of white was covering everything.

Second (on August 17): As I was thinking about Elenin and Planet X, I heard the Lord say:

"I am unfolding profound events that will reveal the preciousness of life (to the fullest dimensions of the word)."  -parenthesis mine-  I could not hold back the tears at this simple but deep statement. God then caused me to think of Arthur C. Clarke's book, "The Hammer of God". In that story, a large asteroid is heading directly toward Earth. People are frightened to the nth degree. The asteroid narrowly misses, skimming the atmosphere, with all sorts of dramatic effects, suggesting what could have transpired had the trajectory been a fraction of a degree different! Life on Earth changed dramatically after that - for the better!

I am not exactly equating Clarke's story with coming events, but there is a certain relatedness on several levels. Important point:  Let us not presume anything. God is far greater than our presumptions. We need to keep praying and making God-directed declarations.

Bob K.