Bob Glenn (3 Aug 2011)
"Finishing Well"

Dear John,
I hope the attached submission will bless you and your readers!
Yours in Christ,
Sally and Bob Glenn
Welcome to the Doves, Sally & Bob!

Finishing Well
Prophetic “Words” & Famous Last Words

Word from the Lord:   “The window of time is closing, but the door to heaven is opening.”

Last words of  Peter, knowing his death was imminent:
* Be diligent, following after holiness
* Beware of error
* Grow in knowledge & grace
(2 Peter 3: 14, 17, 18)

Last words of  Paul, knowing his death was imminent:
* Hold fast to sound doctrine
* Be strong in grace
* Study to show yourself approved
* Shun profane babbling (godless chatter)
* Purge yourself from that which is dishonorable
* Flee lust
* Be aware of the times
* Continue in things you’ve learned
(2 Timothy 1:13 – 3:14)
Last words of Jesus, knowing the crucifixion was imminent:
* Serve Me
* Follow Me
* Obey My commandments
* Abide in Me
* Love one another
(John 12:26 – 15:20)

Word from the Lord:  “Get saved.  Get filled with the Holy Spirit.  Get right with God.”

Prayer:  “Jesus, save me.  Fill me with the Holy Spirit.  I confess my sin and call upon You.  Amen.”