Blake (3 Aug 2011)
"re: Thank You!!! Too many doves to name in this line."

Hey Lynn,
I don't post very often on Five Doves (maybe only a handful of times) but felt prompted to respond to your post.
I, like you, can relate to being in a church and feeling the need to weep....I only allow it to a point...for fear of going into sobs. :)
As a man, maybe, I don't want to appear weak...who knows.  Anyway, at least for me...when I get in an atmosphere of praise and worship I truly sense my own inadequecies and God's wonderful grace.....His Spirit is recognizable because it's so gentle....I too am going through a cleansing process...for there are sins that I have held onto, let go, and returned to as a crutch...only to run back to the Lord for truly is all about surrender, and allowing His Holy Spirit to meet our every need....He is faithful to His promises.
My church as well has a strong sense of the Spirit of God...and preaching only from the Word, but a real lack of end-time teaching.....I have noticed this in several other churches I have visited and even former pastors at the church I currently attend.  It's almost like it's something we are not suppose to understand or speak about...and/or you might seem fanatical if you do....I really don't know the reason...but do I know I have a hunger for prophetic teaching...and so appreciate the Doves site...which I have enjoyed since about 1999.
As God brings you to mind, Lynn, you will be in my prayers....Know that His Spirit is with you wherever you are and no matter how far away geographically.