Beverly Stegall (15 Aug 2011)
"***I spoke TOO soon !!  No grandchildren YET****"

This has got to be the hardest email I have ever written!!  I spoke too soon...
once the police dept actually arrived they went in to get the kids, but then one
of them got on the phone w/a LT & decided NOT to acknowledge the TENNESSEE
CUSTODY ORDER... as she is just over the state line into MISSISSIPPI.  

Go figure..right?  Anyway now we have to go before a MISSISSIPPI Judge to get
an order out of MISSISSIPPI....pls continue to pray that she & her new husband
won't pack up & run again further away!!

I know there is a reason for this & I know HE knows what is best...I am trying
to keep up the faith!  I am sorry for all this back & forth & will not go running
off again without holding them 1st!!

Beverly stegall