Beverly Stegall (13 Aug 2011)

Oh Glory to God...Praise His most Holy name!!  He never fails us does He?  I am
indeed found speechless to express my heart at the moment!!  I was just telling
another friend that sometimes saying "thank-you" to our loving Father just does
not seem like the words are BIG enough, or Special enough..ya know?  It is times
like these that I am so glad HE can see my heart!! husband has finally called with the news that he has found our grandchildren
in a house the road way...way out in the country down in Mississippi!!  He
said he had actually walked a good ways through a wooded area & was actually able
to see the kids playing inside the house!!  It is 11pm here & he is going back with the police
in the morning light to get the little ones!!

I don't know what I would have done without all of my Doves !!  Your prayers have helped
to sustain me & heal me....& He heard on high our many requests...& He answered!

Rejoice with me now my dear ones....millions upon millions of thank-you's to you all!!

Shoutin' Glory in Memphis, TN...Beverly Stegall