Beverly (4 Aug 2011)

My heart is so full at this moment, I feel like it will explode!  We have custody of 2 of our grandchildren,
Kenni Ann (6) & Noah (3).  It has been almost 3 weeks since my step-daughter (their mom)
Alisa ran with them.  She is very very unstable..she lives from hotel to hotel & drugs are her
BIGGEST concern.  School starts the 8th & we are no closer to finding them than when we
started.  I keep on praying over & over for their safety & family says I am
supposed to ask the Lord for help & then let go of it..have faith.  They say that when I
keep praying about it I am taking it back out of His hands...but so help me ya'll I can't
seem to be able to do it, let it alone!  We have raised the babies since birth, they have never
lived w/their mom...please, please don't forget us in your strength is running
out I feel like I am at a dead end with no where to turn...well run would be a better word maybe.

Much love ysiC,

ps I will certainly post you all when they are home or if we get a solid lead!