Bett (31 Aug 2011)
"Prayer Request - DELIVERENCE"

Dear Doves,


I have read The Five Doves for over 8 years, always uplifted by other “watchers” wanting to be walk closer to our Father, Jesus Christ.

Like the majority of you, I have been through many ups and downs in life.  However, I am now going through a terrible attack that I cannot bear.  My ex-husband has been stalking me for 14 months and the attacks are becoming physical.  Law enforcement is out of touch with Stalking and how to handle a person that appears to be “normal” but is anything but “normal” to his victim.  I have cried out and prayed for deliverance to no avail.  I am seeking prayer and intercession for deliverance from this demonic person that is out of touch with reality and life.  I no longer have a life, it has been hijacked by this demonic person.  I now desire to leave this place we call earth because it is more like hell every day.  Please pray for me until you receive notification I am free!


Thank you,