Barry Amundsen (27 Aug 2011)
"Re: Sherry Vance spiritual temple vs. physical rebuilt temple"

Hi Sherry,
I think your explanation about the temple today being us as the spiritual temple is an interesting idea, because your arguments for the church being a spiritual temple are certainly true however one thing that gets in the way for me is the fact that there is indeed a temple planned to be built in Jerusalem and has been planned for many years. Also the dispensational reality that God has been dealing with the church differently than he did Israel and the 70 weeks are not complete yet and do not apply to the church at all. The view as I have come to understand it is that once the church is gone, then the last week (7 years) will resume and there will be a temple physically rebuilt as God goes back to dealing with Israel as he did before the church dispensation. The two do not mix. So even though we are the spiritual temple right now, this does not fulfil what the angel spoke to Daniel because Daniel was told what will befall "thy people" in the latter days, and Daniel's people are the Jews not the church. Daniel's people did worship God in a physical temple with animal sacrifices and they were under the law which they could not keep. God in order to win a remnant has turned to the church and after the fulness of the gentiles is complete God will rapture the bride and return again to Israel back the way things were before the church for that 70th week.
I'm sure you have heard all of this before and may have once subscribed to this before deciding to change to the spiritual temple fulfilment view. It just doesn't fit for me because it completely seems to deny the different dispensations for Israel and the church. I believe that the tribulation is God's last attempt to save as many as will be willing to finally see that the law cannot be kept by man but was fulfilled by Jesus in our place and by this sacrifice we may be saved apart from works of the law. To convince man of this God will allow man to once again try to keep the law and do the temple sacrifices as in the Old Testament to finally demonstrate their need for Jesus when they see their inability to keep it and they will finally look on Him whom they have pierced etc.