Barry Amundsen (24 Aug 2011)
"Steve W and Melissa C bothered and bewildered by heaven vision"

Steve and Melissa,
Thank you both for bringing this up and Steve thank you for your answer. I too felt very upset by this same (or a similar that was recently posted to here) "vision" for the same reasons that Melissa brings up. It is sometimes difficult to separate the truth from error because it is our natural desire to not discount someone who claims to have been given a vision from God. Like Melissa says, if this person that I heard was accurate, they said you must tithe, participate in church, evangelize, give to the poor etc in order to have good things in heaven and that many will actually be poor in heaven and live in what he called a "chicken coop" like shabby environment in heaven.
I think it would be good to look again at what Jesus says to the Philadelphia Church that they are commended not for their own performance but for their holding onto the word of His performance and then warned not to let any man steal their crown. The emphasis is on what Jesus did for us and our holding fast the word of His endurance. Some translations reverse that and suggest that it says because you have kept my word to persevere, subtly putting the emphasis on our performance but the King James says because you have kept the word of My patience (endurance), I also will keep you from the tribulation etc. Jesus seems to be anticipating that in our time there would be many attempts to steal our crown and it is important that we hold fast to the word of His having endured the cross for us. Anyway, I agree with Steve. I find it difficult to imagine anything like this vision describes being in heaven compared to what John describes for us in the word.
It is good that we encourage one another in these things and check visions against the word.