Barry Amundsen (22 Aug 2011)

Hey Nicole and Doves,
How timely your post is about Mark Virkler and the divine inspiration through dreams. I was planning to post about this same man but on a different subject of his that I discovered while flipping channels on TV recently. I came across Sid Roth's program and caught just the end of it but it was enough to know that I needed to order this CD set called "Prayers that Heal the Heart". I thought I was just ordering it (at God's leading) for my mom who has issues but when I began listening to it I was amazed how much I was helped and was learning from it. I cannot recommend it more strongly for anyone who has been struggling with life issues and if you have not been able to find the answers you will here! My wife Linda has had a food hang up her whole life (as has her whole family) and she has tried everything to be free from slavery to obsessing over what she eats or doesn't eat. She could gain weight just looking at certain foods it seemed. Well, we were listening to these CDs and were up to disk 3 of 8 when her breakthrough came. We are going to post about that here too because she is so excited about what happened but I just urge you all to get these CDs.