Barbara B (4 Aug 2011)
"Re: Diane Gilbert (3 Aug 2011) "I have been BANNED!""

Hi Diane,

I was banned also, then when I answered why I think I should not be banned I just responded why was I in the first place.  I then was told to sign in with my user name and was asked to upgrade for $10 which would prevent future bans etc...., so I think it's just a way for them to ask for money.  From what I have seen maybe the Lord wants us away from that site.  Trinity, the mod, has had visits from secret services and several law suits are pending.

It's ok, as long as John is kind enough to keep this website going who cares what GPL does.  The Lord doesn't do anything in vain, for I think that for our safety He wants us away from there.

But we love you and I don't think you'll be banned from us right John??

Big Hug Diane!
Hi Barbara,
Jim was banned from that site, too.